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Metal Steel Car Hub Bearing Clutch Throw Out Bearing 51750-2D000 Front Axle

Basic Information
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: MHC AP
Certification: ISO9001
Model Number: 51750-2D000 51750-2D003
Minimum Order Quantity: Negotiable
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Neutral Packing or As Requirement
Delivery Time: 1- work days, mainly depends on the quantity
Payment Terms: T/T Western Union Paypal
Supply Ability: 2000pcs/month
OEM NO.: 51750-2D000 Part Name: Wheel Hub Bearing
Car Model: Hyundia Elantra Matrix Kia Cerato Replacement Number: 51750-2D003
Position: Front Axle Year: 2004- 2000-2006
High Light:

wheel hub bearing


rear hub bearing

Metal Steel Car Hub Bearing Clutch Throw Out Bearing 51750-2D000 Front Axle





Part Number: 51750-2D000
Part Name: Wheel Hub Bearing
Material: Metal
Car Model: Hyundia Elantra Matrix Kia Cerato
Guarantee: 6 Months
Sample: Available
Packing: Poly Bag Inside , Box outer
Conditon: New
Size: OEM Standard



Applicable Car Model:


Model CC KW Cylinder Type Year
HYUNDAI ELANTRA (XD) 1.6 1599 79 4 Hatchback 2000-2006
HYUNDAI ELANTRA (XD) 1.6 1599 77 4 Hatchback 2003-2006
HYUNDAI ELANTRA (XD) 1.8 1795 97 4 Hatchback 2000-2006
HYUNDAI ELANTRA (XD) 2.0 1975 102 4 Hatchback 2000-2006
HYUNDAI ELANTRA (XD) 2.0 1975 105 4 Hatchback 2003-2006
HYUNDAI ELANTRA Saloon (XD) 1.6 1599 79 4 Saloon 2000-2006
HYUNDAI ELANTRA Saloon (XD) 1.6 1599 77 4 Saloon 2003-2006
HYUNDAI ELANTRA Saloon (XD) 1.8 1795 97 4 Saloon 2000-2006
HYUNDAI ELANTRA Saloon (XD) 2.0 1975 102 4 Saloon 2000-2006
HYUNDAI ELANTRA Saloon (XD) 2.0 1975 105 4 Saloon 2003-2006
HYUNDAI MATRIX (FC) 1.5 CRDi 1496 60 3 MPV 2001-2010
HYUNDAI MATRIX (FC) 1.5 CRDi 1493 75 4 MPV 2004-2010
HYUNDAI MATRIX (FC) 1.5 CRDi VGT 1493 81 4 MPV 2005-2010
HYUNDAI MATRIX (FC) 1.6 1599 76 4 MPV 2001-2010
HYUNDAI MATRIX (FC) 1.6 1599 66 4 MPV 2002-2005
HYUNDAI MATRIX (FC) 1.8 1795 90 4 MPV 2001-2010



What is a Wheel Hub Bearing:


A wheel bearing is a set of steel balls held together by a metal ring called a race. They help wheels spin fast with as little friction as possible. They are used on all kinds of vehicles, from bicycles to aircraft and cars. On a car, a wheel bearing rides on a metal axle shaft and fits tightly inside the hub, which is a hollow chunk of metal at the center of the wheel. The hub holds the lug bolts that you use to bolt the tire onto the wheel. The wheel bearing is pressed into the hub from the back.



Wheel Hub Bearing Function:


heel bearings perform two very important jobs in a vehicle’s suspension. The wheel bearing allows the wheels to rotate with minimal function, and they also support the vehicle’s weight.

To be able to do both of these jobs, the bearings must be in near perfect condition. The seals must also be leak free to keep the lubricant inside the bearings and contaminants out.



About Wheel Bearing:


Wheel bearings function very much like typical bearings found in inline skate wheels or electric motors. The wheels spin smoothly and quietly. Without wheel bearings, the wheel of our vehicles will instantly wear out of friction, leaving us penniless because of constant replacing.
As for 4-wheeled vehicles, each has a pair of front wheel bearings and a pair of rear wheel bearings. They perform two main jobs, namely: allowing the wheels with minimal friction; and supporting the vehicles' weight. The wheel bearings must be in tip-top shape to perform such tasks. The seals must be leak-free, as well. This would protect the lubricants inside from harmful contaminants outside it.
Front wheel bearings and rear wheel bearings could hold up to 850 lbs depending on the front-to-rear weight distribution of a car. In a 6-ton SUV, each bearing can carry about 1,500 lbs. If wrongly adjusted, a wheel bearing may wear out early. The sealed grease, which is the most vulnerable part of the bearing, will start to leak. Dirt enters the bearing cavity, damaging the wheel bearing.
Another factor to wheel bearing damage is water. This causes rusting of the bearing and contaminates the grease in the bearing cavity. Some bearing seals are not built to keep water out of these bearings. Vehicles, most especially off-roaders (with wheels frequently sunk in the mud or hub-deep water during floods), must have their bearings cleaned thoroughly. In this manner, there will be greater interval before the wheel bearings are replaced.



About us:


Our company specialized in auto spare parts over since 2002, supply all kinds of auto parts with rich experience , proven technique. Especially for chassis parts: engine mount, control arm, brake pads, brake disc, brake caliper, bearing , hub bearing, steering rack , tir rod end, rack end, ball joint, and electrical parts: sensor, clock spring, window switch, spark plug, ignition coil, injector, fuel pump, and lot of HONDA spare parts for Accord, Civic, Crv , Fit, City, Odyssey. We really hope we can make a forever business cooperation relationship and friendship.



Our advantage:


1. Experienced technical staff
2. Product warranty
3. Prompt delivery
4. Quality approval
5.Competitive price
6.First-class service

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