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ISO9001 Approval VVT Oil Control Valve Variable Valve Timing LH 15330-38010

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: MHC AP
Certification: ISO9001
Model Number: 15330-38010 15330-0S010
Minimum Order Quantity: Negotiable
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Neutral Packing or As Requirement
Delivery Time: 2-5 work days, mainly depends on the quantity
Payment Terms: T/T Western Union Paypal
Supply Ability: 5000 pcs per month
Part Name: VVT Control Valve Part No.: 15330-38010
Replaced By: 15330-0S010 Weight: 0.2KG
Material: Metal Car Make: Toyota 4Runner FJ Cruiser Land Cruiser Sequoia Tundra
High Light:

fuel spray nozzle


car sensor parts

VVT Oil Control Valve Variable Valve Timing LH 15330-38010 Lexus Toyota 4Runner FJ Cruiser Land Cruiser Sequoia Tundra
1. Part Name:            VVT Control Valve Engine Variable Valve Timing Solenoid
2. Part Number:        15330-38010  15330-0S010
3. Car Model:            Toyota 4Runner FJ Cruiser Land Cruiser Sequoia Tundra
4. Packing:                Box Outside + Poly Bag Inside
5. Size:                      OEM Standard
6. Conditon:              Brand New
7. Part Description:   Valve Assy, Camshaft Timing Oil Control
8. Warranty:               6 Months


9. Year:                      2008-2016
Applicable Model:


Market Date range Model Frames/Options
Japan 08/2005-03/2013 LEXUS IS250/350 GSE2*
Japan 04/2013- LEXUS IS2xxx/3xxx ASE30,AVE3*,GSE3*
General 04/2006-03/2013 LEXUS IS250/300 GSE2*
General 04/2013- LEXUS IS2xxx/3xxx ASE30,AVE30,GSE3*
N. America 08/2005-03/2013 LEXUS IS250/350 GSE2*
N. America 04/2013- LEXUS IS2xxx/3xxx ASE30,GSE3*
Europe, General 08/2005-03/2013 LEXUS IS250/350/2xxD ALE20,GSE2*
Europe 04/2013- LEXUS IS2xxx/300H ASE30,AVE30,GSE30
Japan 12/2007-07/2014 LEXUS IS F USE20
Japan 09/2014- LEXUS RC35/300H/200T ASC10,AVC10,GSC10
General 08/2010-07/2014 LEXUS IS F USE20
General 09/2014- LEXUS RC3xxx/200T ASC10,AVC10,GSC10
N. America 12/2007-07/2014 LEXUS IS F USE20
N. America 09/2014- LEXUS RC350/300/200T ASC10,GSC1*
Europe 12/2007-07/2014 LEXUS IS F USE20
Europe 09/2014- LEXUS RC350300H/200T ASC10,AVC10,GSC10
Japan 04/2009-07/2014 LEXUS IS250C GSE2*
Japan 09/2014- LEXUS RC F USC10
General 04/2009- LEXUS IS250C GSE2*
General 09/2014- LEXUS RC F USC10
N. America 04/2009- LEXUS IS250C GSE2*
N. America 09/2014- LEXUS RC F USC10
Europe 04/2009- LEXUS IS250C GSE20
Europe 09/2014- LEXUS RC F USC10
Japan 11/2004-08/2009 TOYOTA MARK X GRX12*
Japan 10/2009- TOYOTA MARK X GRX13*
General 10/2005-08/2010 TOYOTA REIZ GRX12*
General 12/2011- TOYOTA MARK X GRX130
General 02/2005-10/2009 TOYOTA CROWN GRS18*
Japan 02/2008-11/2012 TOYOTA CROWN GRS20*,GWS204
Japan 12/2012- TOYOTA CROWN (HYBRID) ARS210,AWS21*,GRS21*,GWS214
General 09/2010-11/2012 TOYOTA CROWN GRS202
Japan 08/2005-11/2011 LEXUS GS460/430/350 GRS19*,UZS190,URS190
Japan 12/2011- LEXUS GS25/3xxx/450H AWL10,GRL1*,GWL10
Europe, General 01/2005-11/2011 LEXUS GS30/35/43/460 GRS19*,URS190,UZS190
N. America 01/2005-11/2011 LEXUS GS30/35/43/460 GRS19*,URS190,UZS190
N. America 12/2011- LEXUS GS2xx/350/450H ARL10,GRL1*,GWL10
Japan 02/2006-11/2011 LEXUS GS450H GWS191
N. America 02/2006-11/2011 LEXUS GS450H GWS191
Europe, General 02/2006-11/2011 LEXUS GS450H GWS191
Japan 03/2009-06/2013 TOYOTA MAJESTA URS206,UZS207
General 10/2015- LEXUS GS F URL10
N. America 10/2015- LEXUS GS F URL10
Europe 10/2015- LEXUS GS F URL10
Japan 08/2006-08/2012 LEXUS LS460/460L USF4*
Japan 09/2012- LEXUS LS460/460L USF4*
Europe, General 08/2006-08/2012 LEXUS LS460/460L USF4*
Europe, General 09/2012- LEXUS LS460/460L USF4*
N. America 08/2006-08/2012 LEXUS LS460/460L USF4*
N. America 09/2012- LEXUS LS460/460L USF4*
Japan 04/2007-08/2012 LEXUS LS600H/600HL UVF4*
Japan 09/2012- LEXUS LS600H/600HL UVF4*
Europe, General 04/2007-08/2012 LEXUS LS600H/600HL UVF4*
Europe, General 09/2012- LEXUS LS600H/600HL UVF4*
N. America 04/2007-08/2012 LEXUS LS600HL UVF46
N. America 09/2012- LEXUS LS600HL UVF46
Japan 11/2010- TOYOTA FJ CRUISER GSJ15
General 07/2007- TOYOTA FJ CRUISER GSJ15
N. America 01/2006-06/2014 TOYOTA FJ CRUISER GSJ1*
General 08/2009- TOYOTA 4RUNNER GRN28*
N. America 08/2009- TOYOTA 4RUNNER GRN28*,TRN28*
General 08/2009- TOYOTA LAND CRUISER PRADO GDJ150,GRJ150,KDJ150,LJ150,TRJ15*
General 11/2009- LEXUS GX400/460 GRJ158,URJ150
N. America 11/2009- LEXUS GX460 URJ150
Europe 11/2009- LEXUS GX460 URJ150
General 12/2007- TOYOTA LAND CRUISER GRJ200,URJ202,UZJ200
Japan 09/2007- TOYOTA LAND CRUISER UZJ200,URJ202
General 08/2007- TOYOTA LAND CRUISER GRJ200,URJ20*,UZJ200,VDJ200
N. America 09/2007- TOYOTA LAND CRUISER URJ200
Europe 09/2007- TOYOTA LAND CRUISER URJ202,UZJ200,VDJ200
Japan 09/2015- LEXUS LX570 URJ201
General 11/2007- LEXUS LX450D/460/570 URJ20*,VDJ201
N. America 11/2007- LEXUS LX570 URJ201
Europe 11/2007- LEXUS LX450D/570 URJ201,VDJ201
General 01/2013- TOYOTA COASTER GRB53,TRB53,XZB53
N. America 11/2006- TOYOTA TUNDRA GSK5*,UCK5*,UPK5*,USK5*
General 11/2008- TOYOTA SEQUOIA USK6*
N. America 11/2007- TOYOTA SEQUOIA UCK6*,UPK6*,USK6*


About Variable valve timing VVT :
In internal combustion engines, variable valve timing (VVT) is the process of altering the timing of a valve lift event, and is often used to improve performance, fuel economy or emissions. It is increasingly being used in combination with variable valve lift systems. There are many ways in which this can be achieved, ranging from mechanical devices to electro-hydraulic and camless systems. Increasingly strict emissions regulations are causing many automotive manufacturers to use VVT systems.
VVT Operation :
VVT systems are simple to diagnose. Most parts are non-serviceable and have integrated sensors. On a conventional engine, exhaust and intake valves are open or closed depending on the crankshaft and the pattern cannot be altered. With VVT, it is possible to have the timing altered to match the engine speed, torque requirements, and valve overlap. This increases both performance and fuel economy. Another great advantage of VVT is its ability to take some of the load off the crankshaft by opening the valve before the end of the combustion stroke. VVT systems have made Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) valves obsolete. EGR valves put smog causing nitrous oxides back into the intake manifold. The VVT system controls the timing to leave inert gas in the chamber for the next combustion cycle, thus controlling the combustion temperature and the production of nitrous oxides.
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Our company specialized in auto spare since 2002, supply all kinds of auto parts with rich experience , proven technique. Especially for chassis parts: engine mount, control arm, brake pads, brake disc, brake caliper, bearing , hub bearing, steering rack , tir rod end, rack end, ball joint, and electrical parts: sensor, clock spring, window switch, spark plug, ignition coil, injector, fuel pump, and lot of HONDA spare parts for Accord, Civic, Crv , Fit, City, Odyssey. We really hope we can make a forever business cooperation relationship and friendship.


Our Service :

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1. If we don't find what we want on your website, what should we do?

You can email us the descriptions and pictures of the products you need, we will check whether we have them. We develop new items every month, and some of them have not been uploaded to website in time. Or you can send us sample by express, we will develop this item for bulk purchasing.


2. How can you guarantee the quality?

6 months warranty against B/L date. 100% test before send the goods .


3. Are you products standard

Our model is standard, if you have specific demand, pls tell us.


4. Can we buy 1 pc of blower motor for quality testing?

Yes, we are glad to send 1pc for quality testing if we have the item you need in stock.


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